Why do we hurt?

… and how do we heal?

 I help you to navigate difficult relationships that truly matter and support your healing from past traumas.

Relationships matterI would go as far as saying that they are what gives our lives meaning. When you hear “relationships,” do you automatically think of romantic ones? What about the relationships with your friends, siblings, parents, colleagues, or even the person sitting across from you on the bus?

But what about the relationship with yourself? It’s an often-overlooked connection, but one that influences every moment of your life. Anytime interaction is required, you automatically establish a relationship, even if you decide to ignore someone.

Do you ever feel overrun by others? Do you feel like you are too much or maybe not enough? Do you struggle to get your point across, to be heard or seen? Is communication or connection challenging?

When it comes to relationships, many of us feel stuck!

We long to find the love we need and have our needs understood by those closest to us. I often hear clients say, “I deserve love,” “I need to work hard for love,” or sadly, “I am unworthy of love.”

But here’s a different perspective: Love is a skill and a decision that can be learned. So is connection, something we deeply desire. Strengthening your relationship with yourself and your loved ones can transform your life.

Take the first step in your journey toward healing and self-discovery. Strengthen the relationship with yourself, and watch as the rest falls into place. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of relationships and address past traumas, empowering you to create a more fulfilling and authentic life.

It is the relationship to your Self that matters the most. It influences every moment of your life. If this is set, the rest will start falling into place. Do you know who you are?

Let’s dive deeper.

  • Do you have unresolved pain?
  • Have you explored your attachment patterns, their origins, and how to address them?
  • Are you familiar with your subconscious expectations and the reasons for disappointment, especially in romantic relationships?
  • What tools do you have to handle drama, disappointment, anxious thought loops, and emotional triggers?
  • Have you tapped into your core beliefs and do you know how to work with them?

Understanding and caring for your emotions, distinguishing between your needs and wants, and knowing who you are and who you want to be – these are all vital components of personal growth.


“The world will ask who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you.”

― Carl Jung


My experience with Juliane Stark was a life time changing experience.

Sometimes you want to believe in the right person, at the right time, but I think working with Juliane has no right time, it’s just time that I needed from someone who is talented, educated and professional .

But the most important of all is that she speaks a universal  language which is impossible to not understand. Don’t miss this experience .

I thank you a lot Juliane ❤️

Anonymous (m, 45)

Topics: introspection, relationships, trauma, being a father


I’ve been struggling with being overweight since I was 12 and was often bullied at school because of it.

Due to various traumas, it was difficult for me to get in contact with people without prejudice. To protect myself, I often didn’t trust people and judged them. It was a problem  especially at work. I was always very upset when co-workers behave unfairly or difficult. I took the stress home with me to my family.

Through working with Juliane I have learned to reconnect with myself and to listen to my body and my feelings and to regulate emotions that are not good for me. I approach people differently now. In conversations, I noticed how rearranging sentences improved my communication. I approach conversations at work much more positively and relaxed, and it also helps me to communicate clearer with my wife at home. Recognizing my own needs as well as setting boundaries, has helped me feel more secure in myself, non judgemental, and enabled me to protect myself while staying open to others.

The trouble with colleagues is gone. Now I see how much time and energy it took me. How much space it took up in my head and how creative I’ve been ever since. I have learned what is good for me and my body, to change my diet, healthy and tasty. I’ve lost over 10kg without it tormenting me.

The chat support option helped me a lot. I was always able to  get passed difficult moments, through direct contact with Juliane. I surprised myself during the coaching process. I found healthy access to myself and am now really good at reflecting on myself and understanding myself better. I also never thought that I could lose weight so well, over several months, despite birthdays, Christmas and other events. I would consider that the greatest success of the coaching. I’ve become much calmer and more relaxed when things don’t go the way I had hoped. I can recognize and regulate my emotions better, which also helps me in dealing with my little son and my wife.

I’d love to recommend Juliane. She is always present and focused and makes time available on short notice, when you are in a crisis. I appreciate her professional, reliable but also empathetic manner.

Anonymous (m, 37)

Topics: body, communication, trouble with work colleagues


I had deep trouble in my marriage, when I decided to reach out for help.

Thanks to Juliane’s relationship and coaching skills and also thanks to her direct but humorous manner, I was able to quickly get to know and understand myself better and even healed a lot. I learned that although our partners trigger us, they are usually not the cause of the actual pain. My pain originated in childhood.

Juliane was also able to “translate” my husband’s behaviour for me so that over time I could understand him better and better. That solved my anger towards him and we could start to communicate properly.

I believe that without Juliane’s help I probably would have ended our marriage. Instead, the relationship with my husband has become more loving, understanding, and connected.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous (f, 42)

Topics: marriage problems, fights, communication


When I started working with Juliane, I was married and in a toxic relationship, full of passive aggressive behaviour, silent treatments. I was broken and lost and life seemed dark to me and I was thinking I will never be the same again but little did I know I am a strong person who just needed a reality check and a change in perspective.

Juliane went with me through all the different stages of my break up. She helped me to find clarity, understanding and acceptance for my own feelings and emotions, which played a huge role in my healing journey.

Through this process, I am a totally different person now. I have learnt to set boundaries, how to spot red flags and not to tolerate abusive behaviour. I don’t take everything personal and I am able to step back and think through and process what’s going on instead of reacting, I respond

Now, I have started to focus on myself. I started to eat healthy, I drink significantly less than before, I go to the gym, I try to improve myself overall, despite going through the divorce and the changes that come with it. 

What I have learnt the most is, you can’t control how others feel and rejection is a normal thing in life. No matter how hard life knocks you down, always stand up and go for what makes you a better person. 

Juliane, I would gladly recommend you, because you handle things on a deeper level. You ask the right questions, you see past the behaviour and what’s been said and not everyone is able to see it, from such a perspective as yours. You are genuine and fully focused on my problems, which is really helpful in such low moments in life.

Anonymous (m, 30)

Topics: depression, break up, divorce, new start