I am here to help you navigate difficult relationships that truly matter and support you in healing from past traumas.

Hi! I’m Juliane, a Trauma and Relationship Specialist.

My Passion:

I found my passion for people very early in life.

I wanted to know, what makes us tick and why do we do, what we do? Why do we cause each other pain, when in fact nobody seems to actually have bad intentions.

The question that drives me the most at the moment is: Why do we hurt and how do we heal?

My Background:

My need for understanding was my compass. With a BA from Germany and an MA from Ireland, I have cultivated a strong academic foundation in Social Sciences and Psychology. During my studies, I developed a profound interest in sociology and psychology, which eventually paved the way for my professional path.

My love for learning extended beyond university, leading me to delve into the realm of trauma integration. Through continued education in RRP Childhood Trauma Training (RRP – Relationship Recovery Program), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC Program), Attachment Theory, and Single Session Therapy, I gained invaluable insights into helping others heal from past traumas.

My Coaching Style:

As a trauma-informed coach with an eclectic and multidisciplinary approach, I prioritize attachment styles in helping you navigate difficult relationships. My coaching style is a unique balance of directness and empathy, challenging you when needed and offering support in critical moments.

I value structure as it brings clarity to your thoughts and emotions, calming the mind during the coaching process. Together, we will explore your past, feelings, and deeper needs, fostering a profound understanding of who you are in the present moment.

Client-Centered Approach:

With a client-centered approach, I guide you in uncovering subconscious patterns that create repetitive loops and feelings of confusion, disconnection, and being stuck. Together, we explore how these patterns affect your relationships and life’s flow.

By identifying the roots of these patterns, including emotional impact points stemming from trauma, we connect the dots to understand their influence on your sense of safety, security, and belonging. The ultimate goal is to integrate trauma and redesign your patterns based on your unique needs, fostering fulfillment, happiness, and stronger connections with yourself and others.

Your needs are at the heart of our coaching journey, ensuring each session aligns with your goals and aspirations, leading to meaningful progress in your life.

C.G. Jung said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

This is quote highlights the importance of self-awareness. Introspection can be scary, it forces us to confront things about ourselves, that we may not know how to deal with. 

But that’s ok! The first step towards overcoming any issue is acknowledging its existence. This holds true for emotional burdens we may still carry with us.


 Topics that come up during my work

♦ Childhood Trauma ♦ Dysfunctional Family Systems ♦ Attachment Styles ♦ Relationship-Dynamics ♦ Boundaries ♦ Web of Shame ♦ Subconscious Patterns ♦ Emotional Self-Regulation ♦ Triggers ♦ Polyvagal Theory ♦ Mindful Self-Compassion ♦ Trauma Integration ♦